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Hi, friends! I'm Mamata.


I am... a lot of things: current New Yorker, proud Hufflepuff, Captain America/Marvel super fan, country music lover, writer, blogger, traveller, fast talker, slow eater... You get the point. :) 


But above all, I'm a meditator. I've been practicing Heartfulness Meditation, a heart-based meditation, for nearly nine years, and I've been a meditation trainer for four years. Meditation has been the foundation of my life since conception; it's the tool that I use to stay grounded, centered, and interested in my own self-development.

Committing to a daily heart-based meditation practice has a myriad of benefits: stronger routines and time management, increased focus and diligence, better sleeping patterns, stronger communication skills and empathy, and a continuous state of inner peace. The stronger my commitment is to my daily meditation practice, the more I see myself permanently developing these positive habits. I am a better person because I meditate daily. 

So many people have told me that they are interested in meditation, but they don't know where to start. Through funny anecdotes, personal stories, a little bit of vulnerability, and a whole lot of love, my goal is to provide deeper insight into Heartfulness Meditation, its techniques, and what steps you can take to ease meditation into your daily routine. I hope you'll subscribe to my website and follow along! 

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6 Reasons To Try Heartfulness Meditation in 2019

Happy New Year, friends! It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already here. As we step into January, I am trying to commit to the goals that I have set for myself this year, including eating better, getting more sleep, doing more of what I love, and, of course, re-doubling my commitment to the Heartfulness Meditation practice.

Meditation has become a popular form of self-care over the last few years: more celebrities and public figures are talking about the importance of meditation in their daily routines; schools and universities around the world are adopting meditation as a mechanism for stress management and community building; and with dozens of apps all sharing different varieties of grounding and centering exercises, meditation has never been more accessible than it is now.

With so many types of meditation out there, here are six reasons to try Heartfulness Meditation in 2019:

1. It’s free!

One-on-one time with a trainer, group meditation sessions, and access to the Let's Meditate app and webinar series are all free. Heartfulness Meditation trainers are all volunteers, and do not charge for their sessions. The philosophy of The Heartfulness Institute is that no meditation aspirant should pay for peace.

2. You don’t need to have prior experience with meditation.

Whether it’s your first time meditating, or you are a twenty-year practitioner, you are welcome to try Heartfulness Meditation. Individual and group sessions are open to everyone.

3. You can connect with a trainer/group no matter where you are in the world.

The Heartfulness Institute has meditation centers all around the world. To locate and contact a trainer in your region, or to connect with a trainer while you’re traveling, visit

4. You can meditate with a trainer remotely through the Let’s Meditate app.

The free Let's Meditate app allows users to connect with a trainer remotely at any time of the day. There is always a trainer on standby to conduct an individual session.

5. Creating internal peace through the energy of the heart.

There is a humble power in using your energy, the energy of the heart, for personal growth and change. Over my eight years of practice, I have experienced so many of the benefits of Heartfulness Meditation, including strengthened focus and willpower, better sleep, increased compassion and patience, and more attuned self-awareness: by meditating on the heart, I continue to connect with my truest, most authentic self, leading to a gradual state of naturalness.

6. Community

Just like other forms of meditation, there is a growing community of individuals who practice Heartfulness Meditation. When I began meditating in 2010, I had a group of friends who had also started meditating around the same time. Creating lifelong friendships with people who were experiencing similar life challenges, and who wanted to adopt meditation into their routines, was an instrumental catalyst for my commitment to this practice.

Over the years, as I have moved and travelled, and grown in the practice, I have met many and built friendships with many other Heartfulness practitioners around the world. There is a special bond that comes from connecting with a group of individuals who are committed to creating peace through meditation; in a time in which the world consistently feels divided, it's a bond that I feel grateful to experience, share, and open to others on a daily basis.


To learn more, you can visit You can also check out the Heartfulness Meditation tab on my website for direct links to related tools and content. I’ll be sharing more details about the practice, so feel free to subscribe to my website for more information! Happy Wednesday, friends! With Love.,