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Hi, friends! I'm Mamata.


I am... a lot of things: current New Yorker, proud Hufflepuff, Captain America/Marvel super fan, country music lover, writer, blogger, traveller, fast talker, slow eater... You get the point. :) 


But above all, I'm a meditator. I've been practicing Heartfulness Meditation, a heart-based meditation, for nearly nine years, and I've been a meditation trainer for four years. Meditation has been the foundation of my life since conception; it's the tool that I use to stay grounded, centered, and interested in my own self-development.

Committing to a daily heart-based meditation practice has a myriad of benefits: stronger routines and time management, increased focus and diligence, better sleeping patterns, stronger communication skills and empathy, and a continuous state of inner peace. The stronger my commitment is to my daily meditation practice, the more I see myself permanently developing these positive habits. I am a better person because I meditate daily. 

So many people have told me that they are interested in meditation, but they don't know where to start. Through funny anecdotes, personal stories, a little bit of vulnerability, and a whole lot of love, my goal is to provide deeper insight into Heartfulness Meditation, its techniques, and what steps you can take to ease meditation into your daily routine. I hope you'll subscribe to my website and follow along! 

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5 Benefits of Heartfulness Meditation

Eight years after being introduced to the Heartfulness Meditation practice, there are still days when I struggle to motivate myself to meditate. I always have an excuse: poor time management, laziness, general exhaustion, the desire to watch Captain America for the umpteenth time. And sometimes, I’m just stubborn and I don’t want to. But when I compare the days that I don’t meditate to the days that I do, I always notice the difference.

There are two main components to the Heartfulness practice: meditation and cleaning. The purpose of mediation is to regulate the mind by attending to the heart, and to shift from a place of thought to feeling. To meditate on the heart, one simply closes their eyes and makes the gentle suggestion that there is a source of light resting in their heart, and meditates on that source of light. Meditation is intended to be done first thing in the morning, after one wakes up.

The cleaning technique is a method that frees one’s mind from any thoughts, impurities, or negativities; eyes are closed and the suggestion is made that all of these impressions are leaving from behind in the form of smoke or vapor. Cleaning is generally practiced at the end of the day.

When I sit for morning meditation, then wrap up my day with cleaning, I always feel more calm, centered, and at peace. When I create a daily routine out of both, I gradually feel myself moving into a state of naturalness; by connecting with my heart daily and strengthening its energy, I am doing the work to remove the weight of heavy thoughts or emotions, and my truest self slowly emerges.

Here are just five of the many benefits of Heartfulness Meditation:

1. Grounded Energy

Beginning the day in meditation provides a centering space in which I can connect with my heart, meditate on its light, and create a space of grounded peace and calm as I start my day. By meditating on my own heart, I am bringing that energy inward instead of focusing on an external factor, which tends to create more distraction. I am able to apply that positive energy to each aspect of my day so that I can continue to feel grounded in that space of peace and calm.

2. Will Power

To do anything requires will, but to maintain silence internally while existing in an externally noisy world can be a challenge. What I’ve noticed, however, is that the more willpower I exercise to succeed at my meditation practice, the more willpower I cultivate in general. I am able to apply that same single-minded resolve to any of my responsibilities, and approach them with confidence and efficiency.

3. Self-Compassion and Compassion for Others

There is a piece of advice from Chariji, one of the four global guides of the Heartfulness practice, that I hold onto in times of doubt: when reading the safety guidelines, a flight attendant always asks passengers to put an oxygen mask on themselves first before assisting others. It took me a long time to understand that, until I fully started caring for myself, I could not possibly give to others.

When I work to create peace within myself, I am then able to share that same energy with others in a healthy and meaningful way. As I have gotten deeper in my meditation practice over the years, I have noticed that some of the harder emotions of the mind, such as frustration, jealousy, hatred, and bitterness, have gradually started to disappear. Instead, more of the heart-based emotions, like love, kindness, empathy, and patience, are becoming permanent.

4. Everything is Done with Love

My dad has a saying that I have carried with me my whole life: “Put your heart into everything you do, and it will be done with the best intention.” This became especially relevant when I adopted the Heartfulness practice into my daily routine. The primary emotion associated with the heart is love; the more I meditate on my heart, the easier it is for me to love, and to apply that same level of love to anything I do, whether it be a work commitment that I am really excited about, or a personal project that I am dragging my feet on, so that it is done optimally.

5. Better Sleep!

Being a light sleeper means that, sometimes, it can take hours to fall asleep; this is a direct result of the whirlwind of thoughts that conveniently show up in my head just as it hits the pillow. The smallest noise can readily disrupt my slumber, followed by a struggle to fall back asleep because my brain just won’t shut up.

Switching off my devices and committing half an hour each night to do the cleaning technique has been incredibly beneficial to my sleeping habits. Taking the time to actively clear out any thoughts or impressions from the day allows my mind to settle down before I go to bed, and makes falling asleep a less fitful and much easier process.


There are so many other benefits to Heartfulness Meditation that I can’t wait to share with all of you. In the meantime, to learn more, you can visit

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

With Love., Mamata